Desserts & Beverages

Desserts & Beverages

Friday June 14th 2013
12:46 PM

Baklava 7.00 - The legendary honey cake, thin filo pastry layers filled with honey and walnuts

Bougatsa 7.00- A popular dessert sold in the street stands throughout Greece. a creamy filling wrapped in filo pastry topped with whipping cream, crushed nuts & cinnamon.

Yaghourti me Mel 8.00 - A simple yet satisfying combination of Okanagan yogurt and Greek honey topped with crushed nuts.

Ravani 7.00 - A light fluffy orange cake topped with whipping cream and crushed nuts.

Crema Caramela 7.00 - A light egg, milk, orange and brandy custard topped with crushed nuts.

Tiramisu 8.00 - This light, coffee flavoured mousse made with Mascarpone Cheese is a mid-eastern delight, served on top of delicate ladyfinger cookies, then sprinkled with chocolate, a perfect Zaharoplastio experience!

Paghoto 7.00 - Yes, even Greeks eat ice cream - Four flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Squid or Chocolate.

Special Beverages

Theo’s Coffee 7.25 - As a young boy on the island of Crete, Theo would listen to his grandfather tell stories of exotic lands, food and drinks, this was Theo’s favorite. A subtle blend of brandy, orange, and coffee liquor served with a sugared rim, coffee and whipping cream.

Zorba’s Coffee 7.25 - Although we cannot guarantee that you will be able to dance after one of these coffees, it is sure to help. Greek ouzo and Metaxa brandy, excited by adding sugar, coffee and whipping cream.

Niko’s Tea 7.25 - For those who prefer the taste of tea, you’ll fall in love with this fantastic combination of Benedictine, Galiano and Triple Sec. It is usually served without sugar or whipping cream, but we can be persuaded.

Shannon’s Cannon 7.25 - An explosive mixture of Grande Marnier, Kahlua & Bailey’s ignited with hot steamed milk and a shot of espresso!

Greek Coffee 2.95 - The traditional coffee of Greece. Coffee beans are ground extremely fine into a dustypowder and then cooked to order to produce a demitasse of a strong and aromatic sipping experience. Order it sketo (no sugar), metrio (a little sugar) or glyko (sweet).

Espresso 2.50 - Strong Italian coffee made with fresh roasted beans.

Cappuccino 3.95 - Espresso with steamed milk