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Soupa, Salates & Appetizers

Avgolemono - small 5.50 / large 7.50 - The best known of all Greek soups. A light, slightly tart soup made with eggs, lemon, chicken, and rice.

Fasoulatha - small 5.50 / large 7.50 - A hearty bean and vegetable soup.

Horiatiki - small 7.95 / large 9.95 - A Greek village salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, crumbled feta cheese & dressed with a light golden olive oil.

Mixed Green Salata 7.95 - Mixed wild greens tossed with feta, artichokes in balsamic vinaigrette.
With grilled chicken tenderloin strips add 3.50
With baby shrimp add 4.25
With grilled black tiger prawns add 5.00

Beet Salad 9.95 - Fresh beets roasted with whole garlic and served with creamy Macedonian Feta on a bed of wild greens.

Houmous 8.50 - A delicious mixture of chickpeas, tahini, sesame paste, lemon juice and freshly crushed garlic.

Tzatziki 8.50 - That tasty garlic dip you’ll find at all souvlaki joints in Greece. We peel cucumbers, grate them finely and mix in garlic, dill and fresh yoghurt.

Taramasalata 8.50 - A creamy, tangy mullet fish roe dip blended with lemon juice and olive oil.

Tri-Dip 8.50- Try all three Greek dips, taramasalata, houmous and tzatziki

Pita Bread 2.25 - Middle Eastern flatbread, perfect for dipping with the above mentioned dips.

Artichoke Salata 7.95 - Artichoke hearts marinated in lemon and olive oil, served slightly chilled with lemon slices and Greek olives.

Seafood Salata 9.50 - Kalamari, salmon, snapper and shrimp marinated in olive oil, herbs and lemon juice. Think Greek ceviche with a twist. Served with our wonderful Taramasalata.

*All dips come with one piece of pita bread, enjoy an extra order of two pieces of 2.25

Light Entrées

Yigantes 6.00- Gaint white beans, soaked overnight and baked with tomatoes, onions, red wine vinegar, fresh dill and Okanagan honey

Orekteka 9.25 - A plate of assorted apetizers. Houmous, taramasalata, dolmathes, feta cheese and kalamata olives.

Olives and Cheese 7.95  A variety of marinated olives and creamy Macedonian feta.

Hot Platter for two  26.95 - An assortment of hot appetizers featuring kalamari, chicken livers, dolmathes, spinach pie, tiropita and kotopita.

Spanakopita 7.50 - The famous Greek spinach pie made with paper-thin layers of phyllo pastry. Inside you’ll find a delicious blend of spinach, fresh dill and feta cheese.

Tiropita 7.25 - Feta and Parmesan cheese melted together in phyllo pastry.

Kotopita 7.25 - Sautéed chicken tenderloin, Macedonian feta, artichokes, roasted red peppers and Bechamel sauce rolled in phyllo pastry.

Phyllo Appie Sampler 7.50 - Try each of the above pastries without having to decide on just one. Spanakopita, Kotopita, Tiropita.

Chicken Livers 8.00 - This is a recommended house special! Marinated in oregano, black pepper and Okanagan red wine, then crisply fried and served hot with a dash of oregano and lemon.

Dolmathes Avgolemono 7.50- One of the most delightful and intriguing Greek delicacies. Hot stuffed grape leaves filled with rice and ground beef, fresh herbs and topped with a creamy avgolemono (egg and lemon) sauce.

Vegetarian Dolmathakia 7.50 - Tender grape leaves filled with rice, currents, mint, dill, cinnamon and onions, served with yoghurt and lemon.

Saganaki 9.95- Greek Kefalograviera cheese, pan-fried in butter and lemon juice.

Kalamarakia (fried squid) 9.95 - Fried baby squid marinated in white wine, oregano and white pepper, fried quickly and served with diced onions, lemon and Tzatziki sauce.

Garithes Uvetsi 10.25 - Whole black tiger prawns baked with tomatoes, feta cheese and oregano in a light wine sauce.

Add a special sized Greek salad for 3.95 to any of these light entrées

Lunch Entrées

All entrees are accompanied by rice pilaf, roast potato and vegetable ratatouille.

Moussaka 17.95 - A classic Greek entrée and a house favourite of Theo’s' guests since 1976. Alternate layers of sliced eggplant, zucchini, spiced ground beef and potatoes. The topping itself, created by Mary Theodosakis, features traditional bechamel sauce enhanced with nutmeg and other distinctive Cretan spices. Served with rice pilaf, roast potatoes and vegetables.

Rosemary Chicken 13.95 - One half of an oven roasted chicken glazed in a milk, paprika, lemon juice and fresh rosemary sauce. Served with rice pilaf, roast potatoes and vegetables.

Souvlaki - Lamb 16.95/ Chicken 14.95/ Beef 14.95 - Undoubtedly the most famous Greek dish. Bite size pieces of marinated tenderloin: the lamb and beef are skewered with onions and peppers.

Chicken on Pita 9.95 - Broiled tenderloin pieces served on pita bread and served with tzatziki, sliced onion, tomato and roast potato.

New York Steak 18.95 - Quality 8 Ounce New York Steak broiled and served on pita bread, with rice pilaf, roast potato and vegetables.

Filet of Sole 13.95 - Gilled with lemon and served with rice pilaf, roast potatoes and vegetables.

Salmon Sto Phyllo 12.95 - De-boned salmon, lightly covered with freshly diced vegetables, feta cheese and wrapped in phyllo pastry, served with rice pilaf, roast potatoes and vegetables.

Greek Omeletes 10.95 - Your choice of feta, onion, green peppers and tomatoes, or feta, spinach and onion.

Add a special sized Greek salad for 3.95 to any of these entrées