Endless Vacation September/October 2009

Friday September 11th 2009
9:04 AM

A new article featuring our restaurant! Read all about it...

Vancouver Sun Feature

Tuesday September 8th 2009
8:57 AM

Theo's Featured in the Edmontonian, Menu Magic!

Tuesday January 20th 2009
3:27 PM

"This maturing of the culinary sector is also reflected in several key restaurants in town. A tourist and local favourite is Theo’s, built in 1976.

Here they serve not only traditional Greek dishes but what owner Nikos Theodosakis calls Okanagan/ Mediterranean cuisine.

“Some of the same greens found in Crete grow wild in the Okanagan. So we’ve incorporated them into the menu.”

He’s working very closely with his suppliers on produce. He says they can give him the quality and quantity that he needs for his restaurant.

“It’s organic and it’s fresh.”

Local wines obviously factor heavily into the equation. So does education.

“In 1976, we had three local wines on our list and two of them had Baby Duck in their names. Today, we have 118 Okanagan wines on our list. I’m trying to educate the public to the difference between the lower-end wines and the upper-end.”

Nikos also regularly trains his staff on how to properly present the wine at the table. He takes them to some of the farm-gate wineries to see how wine is made, and to learn about the different grapes used in wine production and what they taste like in the end product.

Like Cameron and Dana, Nikos keeps food preparation simple. He says the future is in returning to the traditional roots of Greek cuisine with locally grown wines and ingredients. Theo’s is certainly a destination spot for the serious food lover.

And an absolute must is to check-out the fine dining restaurants and bistros located in many of the wineries. Here chefs create wonderful dishes that are expertly matched to the wines produced on site. Most menus offer wine pairing suggestions for each item."

For the whole article, including a tantalizing recipe, click here!