Planting Begins in our New Rooftop Garden

Today Linda planted the first crop of the year, a variety of radishes.

Our garden is located on the roof of Theo’s Restaurant, above the lounge area and utilizes 30  18″ x 24″ recycled food trays as portable containers that can be moved around for the most appropriate sunlight. There is also another area where sunflowers and vegetables grow in a series of recycled 13 litre buckets which once held Feta cheese. We have drilled holes in the bottom of the bucket, put in a plastic wick, and placed them on a trough of water so that each of the buckets draws up as much water as it needs, it uses less water, and it’s also a lot easier to fill the trough than to water each bucket! Water that drains from the suspended beds trickles into the trough.

Here’s a link to a video by Larry Hall on how to make your own bucket system. We use a different system but inspired by what we discovered on youtube!

Looking forward to eating radishes mid May!